About SoulSequel

The creation of a small online community, seemingly out of necessity. People like to connect to one another. The jury is still out on the existence of a soul, but it’s undeniable that we all strive for that human connection that seems to inspire us all on some level.

SoulSequel was started on SoulPancake. When that platform went out – we stepped in. We hope you enjoy yourself here and get out of this site as much or more than you put into it.

SoulSequel is made up of a collection of people who have too much time on their hands.

Conversations is a safe place where members of the community can ask questions, share ideas, participate in debates, and well…have conversations. It is the heartbeat of SoulSequel.

Activities are creative exercises. They encourage community members to get to know one another beyond the limitations of what a conversation may offer.

When you sign up for an account, you are assigned a profile. Your profile allows you to share a little about yourself with other members. From your profile you can upload a profile photo, change your cover photo, share your bio and social media links, update your settings and more!

The block feature is a two-way block.

If one member blocks another, neither member can see, comment or reply to one another in conversations or activities.

You can easily see the members who you’ve blocked and decide to unblock them or keep them on your block list. Your member block settings can be found here: Blocked Member Settings

Jake Giddens is a very talented artist who has graciously provided SoulSequel with funky fresh graphics to capture our personality. His other works and talents can be seen at JakeGiddens.com and Tumblr.

If you want to submit your work to be considered for our site’s background rotation playlist, just email us or send in your request below. We also accept suggestions for new Activities. At this time, no monetary compensation will be extended for contributions, but the bragging rights are yours to keep. When permission is granted, we will also cite credit to contributors.
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