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Good Times

SoulPancake introduced me to people who are still my friends. Those were good times before Oprah. Who here now can share some good times from when it was real?

Looonngggg time

It’s been so long, how is everyone doing? How did you make it through 2020?

I RULE Soulsequel

BuNcHa RaCiSTs?

Evangelicals need a better counter than Trump to their critics in academics if you ask me.
Did Weeeeeenis go all ‘Lykov Family’? (rhetorical question)

Best News


Better Newwws

How’s the protestin’ goin’?

Good news!!!

Good news soulsequelites.
COVID dies on November 4.
Biden goes down in history as a crook.
ACB is confirmed tomorrow replacing the witch RBG.
4 more years of Trump, following his 300 electoral coll…

What Is Your Superpower? Best Ability, Asset?

Mine is I do not age normally. I pass for being in my early 30s, but am approaching 50. I am not the best looking guy, not the strongest, not the smartest… I can’t fly or lift objects t…

What do you have to be grateful for?

I have a great house, great family, incredible job, and aging very well. I survived true insanity and alcoholism/drug addiction (cough syrup). I am grateful for modern technology and cinema (espec…

Who is your favorite fictional hero/heroine?

For me, I think (*though I am sure it depends on the mood):
The Shadow, Sandman, Keyser Sose, the guy in Law Abiding Citizen
The guy in Prison Break is always good.

How the hell are ya?

It’s been a while – and much has changed. Who went and pushed the “burn it all to hell” button? What has everyone been up to? Let’s play a game. You get 10 points for …

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