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Saying hurtful things

There’s a story in the news up here about a hockey player who said something hurtful to a group — and now celebrities and ex-celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to admonish and c…

Beware the Green Eyed Monster

What is something you envy, almost to the point of distraction?
There can be a lot of things you might want that others have, or It can be anything from the colour of someone else’s eyes, to …

What do you have named after you?

My step mom has a rose and now a winter storm named after her. The flower is beautiful but can be a little prickly. And I was so proud of the way Valerie came charging in from the Pacific, jumped…

Thought vs deed: are they equal?

Let’s talk about 2 hypothetical people, person A and person B.
Let’s say Person A is born with a problem that has them wheelchair bound, paralyzed from their nose down, so the only th…

Nobody does “the right thing” anymore.

This is both a line from a movie I’m passing the time with (I80 Wyoming is snowed out!) and something I hear too often in random discussions.
And more alarmingly, are the sheer number of peo…

What did you after high school?

Graduation season is officially in full swing. If you are a high school graduate, I’m just curious, what do you remember from your ceremony? What you did after high school and in hindsight is…

“He’s not my president”

As I travel about the foreign nation known as the US of A, I hear this more times than I can count. How can he NOT be your president; the duly elected high-representative of all the US espouses? …

Merciful Judging of Others?

Pretty much the concept of merciful judging of others ends up as:
Fuck you.
So, how do you mercifully judge others?

Should you follow your dreams?

You often hear sayings about our “dreams”. From a young age we’re conditioned to believe in them, work for them, sacrifice for them, etc. We’re told that the road to achieve…

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