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Shape My World

Find a geometrical shape in your world and post a photo of it here.

Give Thanks

Write a short open letter to express your gratitude.

Sell Your City

Think up a good slogan for your stomping grounds.

Summer Sestet

Let’s get summer sentimental. Write a sestet of the memories you’ve made.

Mt. Rushyour

Design Mt. Rushmore to represent the 20th century.

Eight to be Great

There are 8 traits found in successful people. Make a list of your “Eight to be Great”.

Mystery Manifestation

Write the first few lines or a paragraph of your wildly successful mystery novel.

Lurking Childhood Fears

As a child the uncanny can be frightening. Too many creaks and rattles keep the night light on which better illuminates grandma’s dolls that watch you from their perch high above on the mantl…

30 Second Rant

Take 30 seconds and rant about anything.

Caption this!

Can we play ‘caption this’ with a picture I took? Thank you to Shomama for this activity suggestion.

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