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What do you have to be grateful for?

I have a great house, great family, incredible job, and aging very well. I survived true insanity and alcoholism/drug addiction (cough syrup). I am grateful for modern technology and cinema (espec…

Who is your favorite fictional hero/heroine?

For me, I think (*though I am sure it depends on the mood):
The Shadow, Sandman, Keyser Sose, the guy in Law Abiding Citizen
The guy in Prison Break is always good.

How the hell are ya?

It’s been a while – and much has changed. Who went and pushed the “burn it all to hell” button? What has everyone been up to? Let’s play a game. You get 10 points for …

Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant Into People

This is a new low. I wonder how many of his followers might die doing this?…

Disasters come in 4s?

I’ve been sick for the last several months
My mom died
I got laid off from work
Now I have COVID
What more can go wrong while still keeping me alive?

Head Goof in Charge

Donald Trump is again spreading misinformation about voting by mail. After alleging during the coronavirus task force briefing, without any evidence, that there is rampant voter fraud, he’s now rep…

“Your Tears Fuel Me” – Weenis

Not sure what this is supposed to mean.
You are fueled by the sadness of other human beings?
How can someone live their supposed ‘faith based’ life with this sort of thinking?
Why wo…

Fox News Sued for Disinfo on the Virus

Is it ZERO yet?

I heard a guy say three weeks ago that in America “we will be down to almost zero people infected by Coronavirus within days” but now we’re talking about 200,000 Americans dying in the next couple …

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