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It’s primary day for democrats

Your choices are limited…one of the two old coots from the Muppet show…both are senile old white guys.

Walmart Humor

So I just left Walmart. Honestly it was shocking. They had no toilet paper at all. Reluctantly I headed for the customer service desk and asked if they had any. The attendant said no and gave me a …

Douche Bag in Charge

looking out for himself – per usual
Hope you are still happy he’s in charge.

Your Orange Guy

@immortalpirate @ladybarbara
Your orange guy (POTUS) is the biggest piece of shit that ever e…

Go Wash Your Hands!

Remember what your mother would always tell you to do when you were a kid, “Go wash your hands, use soap and water”…Now we know why, and she was right. What other advise did your …

Death of my mother

On Feb 18, 2020, my mom died. As a child, she had multiple bouts of rheumatic fever and pneumonia. It got so bad that they told her that if she had another episode, she’d die. As time went on…

Do you think that space exploration matters?

As a species we have been pushing the limits on what we can accomplish in space. Does it matter? Do you think the colonizing another planet is something we should be exploring?
Recently Christina K…

Would you rather

Would you rather have a prehensile tail like some monkeys or a trunk like an elephant?
Please explain your preference and then post your own “would you rather”.

What is something that you’re looking forward to?

I have a lot to look forward to this year. Though most of the exciting things to come are not my own to experience – I’m excited for others, and that’s a good thing too I suppose….

What are you addicted to?

My father is addicted to raking leaves
Leaves fall
The clock ticks
Rakes break
Rakes are bought
Glossy handle made from an ash tree
Shiny red, flimsy metal
The latest in technology
Retired rakes ar…

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