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Shave my balls, bigot!

Should a waxing professional be forced to offer the same services for a trans man who identifies as a woman, as they currently offer to women? Namely, a Brazilian wax?


What do you do when you’re entering anomie? That state of emptiness where you’ve got no one left and you stop giving a shit about anything but survival and transcending your suffering.

The Old Man and the Cave

I just watched a really interesting old twilight zone. It was from Season Five, called the old man and the cave. It was about a small community that apparently survived some catastrophe where as ma…

Who are your ride or die people?

A ride or die person is someone who will stick with you through any problems. They are there for you through thick and thin, because they would rather ride with you or die trying. Do you have ride …

what do you want a reboot of?

It could be a tv show, a movie, a band? BH 90210 is being hailed in the news today. WE are seeing more and more old shows being brought back. I can only think of one I wish would come back, it was …

Voting age, drinking age, driving age…

Do you think the age to vote, drink, drive etc are reasonable where you’re from or should any of these be lowered or raised? Why or why not? Address one or all.

i am back i think

got bored decided to return
my sobriety is still there, but not always – my meds are good and i have been talking to people
life is good –
where did all the people go?
stinkywind and…

Oreo Cookie quality control video

This is just for laughs…so grab a tall glass of milk and a big hand full of Oreo’s and enjoy this video.

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