What happens when we die? The age-old question.

“Everything just goes to black” says Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty). If so, really? Just – poof – nothing? But what happens to our soul or mind or whatever? Are we reincarnated from here?
Or does our soul go somewhere to reunite with loved ones and God? Will we have the ability to think? or see? or will we be on some sort of Ayahuasca trip where the entire universe is unveiled and we get to see what really is?


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  1. I can only answer with what the near death people have said before they died. After they died, if I had a vision of them, it could have been a dream.

    When I was 5, my grandfather was near death and the old curmudgeon was complaining that there were family members in the room. He wanted them to go away. But, there was no one else in the room with Grandpa and I. He was seeing people who were not there. On the night he died, I saw him at the foot of my bed and he was saying “good-bye” and then the vision faded. I knew he had died and was not surprised when Mom found him dead in his bedroom in the morning.

    When I was 8, I was helping to take care of a woman whose son I would marry 37 years later. She had cancer and she was ill for two years. She was not a religious woman. I would say that she was an atheist. In the last days of her life, she said her mother was with her —in spirit. We would sit together wrapped in a green blanket and she would tell me that her mother was showing her Heaven. She loved to tell me stories about her life. By the time she was about to die, she told me that Heaven is real and she is going there. Her son (Lowell Henry) and her daughter (Sharon Henry) sat with her on the day she died. She awoke from her last coma to say Good-bye and said she was going to a lovely place. We sat by her bed for hours, until her breathing stopped. She died in peace.

    When Lowell went into the Navy and my brother married Sharon, I took that green blanket for my own bed. It was comforting to have it.

    35 years later, Sharon was sick with cancer. I helped take care of her. When she slept, she would talk in her sleep. She talked to her mother, who had died 35 years ago. Sharon told me that she had been above her own sleeping body and looking down on all of us around her bedside. She even told us things that we said. She told me that she could see members of her family that had died long ago. From my perspective, Sharon was going in and out of comas, until the final coma where she stopped breathing — forever.

    Ten years later, Lowell Henry was near death. He had bone cancer and a really bad liver. He was a person who did not believe in God or religion. He thought religion was silly. A year before Lowell died, his first wife (Elana) died. On the day Elana died, Lowell turned to me and said, “Elana id dead. She just said good-bye to me.” A few hours later, my Aunt called me, crying because Elana had died.

    As Lowell was getting worse and drifting in and out of comas, the family gathered around his bed. When he was awake, he would complain that the room was too full of people —- people that had been long dead and family still alive and standing around his bed. He saw his ex-wife Elana and his long dead mother. When Lowell was in a coma the family talked over his sleeping body. When he awoke, he said that he heard every word we said. He said that he could see his own body in his bed and he was also walking around the bed talking to us, but he said we were not answering him. From our point of view, he was in a coma. Now, I know that a person in a coma can hear what is said around their bed.

    In the days before Lowell died family gathered and we took pictures. In the pictures Lowell is glowing with a white light. ——— That was weird !!!

    On the day Lowell died, he spoke to me and said that Elana was showing him Heaven !!! He had been an atheist all his life. He woke up and told me that Heaven was real and he was going there. Then, he died. He went back into his last coma and only awoke to say, “I love you Sylvia!!!”. Then he died. I stood over him to say that my name is Barbara. His ex-wife is Sylvia, so I called Sylvia to tell her his last words.

    6 months later, I was sitting on my bed and saw Lowell. He told me that he was in Heaven and doing well. Maybe that was just me dreaming. It was comforting.

    Another thing happened —— Immortal Pirate’s wife had died and Immortal Pirate was trying to go on with life. That was when we got together. His late wife was a very jealous woman. The first time we made love in his bed, the lights on the wall showered me with sparks!!! Frightened, Immortal Pirate ran to the light switch to turn it off, but it was already off. He ran to the plug in the wall, but it was not even plugged in !!! The shower of sparks was just like a sparkler on the 4th of July. The sparks continued to shower down on me until Immortal Pirate (finding that the lights were not even plugged in) said for them to stop. I surmised that a jealous late wife did not like Immortal Pirate’s sex life to continue after her death. She sent down sparks to scare me.

    Well, that is all I know and my knowledge of a Heaven is all hearsay. I still have that afore mentioned green blanket. I sleep with it keeping me warm.


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  2. Welcome to the after-life…you’re dead.
    Here is the Reader’s Digest condensed version of “The Guide Book For The Corporeally Challenged”…
    Once you come to the realization that you’re no longer among the living, you will enter a very large room, filled with other non-corporeals, and you will be directed to stand in line to speak with an after-life councilor. You will be assigned a case number, and you will be required to fill out numerous forms which will determine your placement in the after-life community. Please be patient with our staff, they are working diligently to resolve any and all issues associated with your case.
    The forms that you will fill out have questions; your answers to these questions will help our staff to match you with the proper after-life occupation that will best fit your qualifications. There is no free lunch/ free ride/ or do as you damn well please in the after-life…EVERYBODY has a job in the after-life, and it is the last job you will ever have…for eternity.

    Now, you’re probably thinking that you would be sitting on a cloud somewhere, playing a harp. No. If you never played the harp when you were alive, don’t expect to play a harp in the after-life. Only real harpists get that job, and only after an extensive audition session.

    Your personal history, your morals, (or your lack of same), will be taken into account when final placement is determined. But don’t be surprised if your placement doesn’t meet your expectations…just because you lead a relatively clean life, with very little “sin” you may or may not be qualified for certain occupations in the after-life. All placements will be filled on a case by case basis, and management, (THE BOSS), has the final say on all placements.

    Special notes: Eternity is a very long time. (hell is for democrats)
    If you were a liberal democrat or socialist when you were alive, rest assured that you will be placed in an eternal occupation best fitting your qualifications. You will be assigned to clean up after all of the animals in the after-life; you shoveled shit when you were alive and you will continue to shovel shit in the after-life.


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      1. @immortal_pirate

        because you added in your personal opinions and too many details. but whether you are joking are not is not the point.

        how much do you really dislike yourself and your situation that you need to disparage other human beings, just because they are of a different political affiliation?

        I find it sad that you can’t – just for a minute – put aside politics. you troll without even knowing it. kind of like trump, you just can’t help it I guess.

        your post reminded me of why this site has died

        there will be no more posts or replies from me.



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      2. @Fletch

        Why do you quit so easily? Why are you so easily offended?

        If you feel that his introduction of politics into his reply is some type of fallacy, why not point it out and expose it?

        I think you’re being intellectually lazy, and that’s the real reason this site is dead or has died. People are too stupid and lazy to think and propose an argument, think through suppositions and analyze data.

        You think the site is dead because of people like @immortal_pirate? No, it’s dead because of people like you, who don’t engage an argument but run away.


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  3. I have another opinion on after death. In 1983 I was on the operating table getting a hysterectomy. I had a husband and two stepchildren waiting in a waiting room for me to go into recovery. During the operation, I became aware that I could hear the tone on the respirator and machines indicating that I flat-lined and my heart was no longer beating. I realized that I was above the operating table looking down on my body. I had such a peaceful feeling. I no longer cared for the body on the table. I tried leaving the operating room and I passed through the walls with no effort. I went to the waiting room where my husband and the two children were. I heard their conversation, as the children both wanted snacks out of the snack machine. I remember that Eric wanted Fritos and Robbie wanted Cheetos. Robbie couldn’t eat Cheetos without getting the orange cheese powder all over his face, hands, and shirt. I objected to Robbie having the Cheetos, but there was nothing I could do about it.

    I suddenly realized that if I died these two boys would be left with only an alcoholic father to raise them —- and he was on a drunk most of the time and highly abusive.

    I also realized that there was no white-light, Jesus, nor any long dead family members around me. Nothing indicated where a recently dead person should go. I knew that I did not want those two children to be raised by an abusive drunk father. I hurried back to the operating room where my body was being resuscitated. ——– My next thought was being thirsty and in pain in the recovery room. When I had awakened enough that my husband was allowed to see me, he asked if the two boys could be allowed to see me, as well. I said, “Make sure that Robbie washes the Cheetos dust from his hands and face first.”

    They wondered how I knew that Robbie was smeared in orange cheese dust.

    My next out-of-body experience was last year. I was in the hospital for chest pains and to have a full inspection of my heart. During that, I was placed in a gurney next to a wall in a room where chemicals were to be injected into my veins to stress-test my heart. It stressed me to a point where I saw the Nurse start to panic. I passed through the wall and could see down the hallway. Another patient was being pushed in a wheelchair towards the room to be prepped to be tested. In my own panic (of not wanting to die), I pulled my spirit back through that wall and woke up in a panic to live!!! The Nurse was relieved that I took a breath and began to gasp. The Nurse said that she thought she had “lost” me. So, I told her that I saw the next patient being wheeled up to the door of the prep-room. Sure enough, there was a patient being wheeled in. I was in awe of the whole experience. I had been so close to death!!! Then they gave me bitter strong coffee to drink to bring me back to an acceptable level of life.

    Once again, I marveled at the thought that for the moment I was out of my body, there was no “white light”, or long dead relatives. That Immortal Pirate was nowhere near the hospital and I felt very alone in this world. My own sons are well into their 50’s. All my step sons are gone from my life. I am single and alone. But, I am still alive.


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      1. @Fletch I have no idea of what comes next. I only know the moment the soul leaves your body, there will be no pain —- just a sense of peace.


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