Poem: Deadpool Jesus

I have a lot of these, think I am going to start a site. Deadpool as a sorceror. Deadpool as a superscientist, etc. Deadpool poetry. Rap like, in bolstering myself (and so the listener/reader) up. Amazing what you can do with foolish stuff like deadpool and rap music.


I’m the Main Character
the one who never dies
and if I do, I come right back again

I am the Dreamer of the Dream

not me, no, but me, this Spirit, inside

swish! I always got two blades
hidden up my sleeves

always in disguise
looking less then I am

here’s the piece of land I want carved out
the message in the room

the whole world gathers together
in a single conference room

the one thing they do not talk about
is me
the towering, purple elephant

they all have eyes to see
what is wrong, are they blind?

one touches my leg, and says, “it is a tree”
another touches my trunk, and says, “it is a snake”
altogether, they are wrong, why don’t they open their eyes

I am the Anomaly
the Thing that Does Not Make Sense
a man at the table, whom the dinner guests had murdered
stolen his house
and servants

I don’t need an audience, I can just talk to myself
create my own palace
create my own house
why would I build a house for anyone else
when they do not want one

I will construct my limbs with steel
intoxicate, derange my senses
into liquid Jim Morrison
and golden Jesus Christ

blaze that holy fire, you all!

I am not God, I am not Jesus
I am not Jim Morrison raised up from the grave
I am Deadpool!

doing my little jig
in the burnt up battlefield cemetery

come one, come all, give me what you take
nevermind, I will just keep my simple life

I am a foolish thing
just a thing
a creation
a tool

a pot with a maker
an axe with a wielder

I can do nothing on my own
I am Deadpool

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