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What is your favorite Romance Movie?

Mine, is Deadpool I and II. Because, I have an ex gf who looks just like Wade Wilson’s gf. And, I have an ex-gf who used to call me Mr Wilson.
I have a current gf now, so just as friends do I…

How Do You Say “I Am What I Am”

Edie “What I Am” Brickell, below.
I Am What I Am. The Name of God. “What I Am Is What I Am” (lyrics).
A nerd to punk rockers. A conservative to hippies. Vice versa. How do y…

The OT God, the NT God: Father & Son

Your comments. Griz, I am looking at you here.
The Father can become a man. The Son is different from the Father.
The Most High is a man of war. Moses saw his back. Ate and drank with him. Saw his …

Where is Mamajoy?

She better be okay.
The site says under maintencance.

Deadpool Gets a Question from a Fake Christian

This is a real response I received:
For ME… I can’t just watch DEADPOOL.. as a believer in Christ ..holy JESUS.. I tried.. the evil the words then murder and on and on. Everything that …

Poem: Deadpool Jesus

I have a lot of these, think I am going to start a site. Deadpool as a sorceror. Deadpool as a superscientist, etc. Deadpool poetry. Rap like, in bolstering myself (and so the listener/reader) up. …

You Can’t Be Hardline Anti-Immigrant & Christian
Really despicable stuff. I don’t believe they did this for any reason but because this is …

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