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Mr Mojo Risin: The God Man, Jim Morrison

I have followed two people in my life: Jesus Christ & Jim Morrison.
I know people can not see Jim for who he really is, because Jim went to extraordinary lengths to disguise himself. But, that…

Approaching Criticism of Scripture & God

Jewish & Christian Scripture is very hard material to approach with the proper respect it is due for people who are not believers. I do not think this is a rule, as something that they have to …

Without Pharoah We Couldn’t See God

Whomever was the Pharaoh God had Moses take down, we can safely bet he was a very glorious king. With a very mighty kingdom.
This might had as its fuel the hebrew slaves, and Moses was a hebrew. Go…

Faith & Prejudice: What’s the Difference?

Does exercising the metaphorical-muscles of Faith also stimulate Prejudice?
Harper Lee in her 1st attempt at a novel before she made “To Kill A Mockingbird”, later released as “Go…


What religion we’re you raised in? Do you still practice it? Have you shifted your beliefs? Why?
I went to church today, for the first time in over 20 years… It’s bringing up lots…


is god human like in that god doesn’t know who, or what God is, and why or how God came to exist?
is god looking through your eyes?
do you only have eyes for the purpose of being a spectator?…


can a person be spiritual and not know it?
do you consider your self a spiritual person?
what is your opinion of a person who professes to be “religious” versus one who states they are …

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